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Reasons to Hire SEO Consultant –

These days, it’s hard to get your website ahead of the game without search engine optimization (SEO). If your site is poorly constructed, you may not be able to reach your target customers no matter how unique and useful your offer is. Aside from lack of optimization and poor construction, another problem that many Internet marketers encounter is the intense competition in their respective fields. See it for yourself. Type and enter a keyword for a basic service and you will probably get over a million search results.

Nevertheless, it’s possible to bring your website to the first page of search engine results pages (SERPs) organically—that means you don’t use any SEO tool. It takes years, however. Changes in search engine algorithms and entry of competitors may also hamper your site’s ascension in SERPs over the years.

The solution herein is to hire an expert in SEO. It comes at a price but there are several advantages. If you intend to get one, you should consider SEO consultant – Below are some reasons to hire Chronis Tsempelis’ firm for your Internet marketing needs.

Comprehensive Services

Improving your site’s ranking in SERPs takes more than just putting competitive keywords in your sales page. That is why when you encounter an SEO firm that offers content marketing and keyword analysis alone, you should disregard it right away. It’s easy and inexpensive to outsource these kinds of services to freelancers. You should seek a firm that helps you in most—if not all—areas of Internet marketing.

SEO Consultant

Through the years, SEO consultant – has been offering wide-ranging Internet marketing services. In addition to the basic SEO and content writing services, also offers tools and assistance for affiliate recruitment, Google tools, hosting and server management, reputation management, social media optimization, and web development. These services don’t just increase your site’s visibility and reach; they also help you manage your website and assess your marketing campaigns.

Use of White Hat SEO

In the early days of Internet marketing, numerous tricks were devised to boost a site’s ranking in SERPs without putting much time, money and effort. These ‘quick fix’ strategies are collectively referred as black hat SEO techniques. The ethical and lawful SEO strategies are called white hat and this is what you should be striving for.

It’s tempting to use a black hat strategy for two reasons: it’s low-cost and it increases your leads in no time. However, using it brings a major problem: a negative reputation. Prospects will find your website and brand annoying. Search engines will also penalize your site. Once your site is penalized, it will be difficult for you to bounce back.

With SEO consultant –, you don’t have to worry about such things. Only white hat SEO techniques are advised. These may yield good results in a few weeks or a month, but at least you can be confident that your site will linger for a longer time.

SEO Consultants

Years of Experience

Plenty of startup e-commerce sites come and go, and the primary culprit for this phenomenon is the inability of newbie Internet marketers to adapt to the changes in search engine algorithms, buying behavior, marketing trends, and other socio-economic and technological factors. You must have years of experience to be able to formulate and implement effective coping mechanisms for your site. If you don’t have an extensive background in marketing, you can fill in your lack of experience by hiring an SEO specialist like SEO consultant –

Chronis Tsempelis has been in the field of Internet marketing for more than a decade. He already encountered many search engine algorithm updates and marketing trends. What made him last for so long was his dedication in his chosen field. He has been working 10 hours a day in the Internet marketing sector since 2005. He keeps on researching and creating valuable tools to help his clients overcome changes.

Free Consultation

Unlike other SEO firms, SEO consultant – gives its prospective clients a chance to experience its service for free. As an Internet marketer, you should be extra careful on where you spend your funds. If a firm requires you to pay anything in advance, you should think twice before investing your money and trust. Chronis Tsempelis’ firm wants to save you from paying for services blindly. That is why it offers free consultation of up to 20 minutes. Here’s a tip from the brain of the firm itself: ask specific questions regarding your site to get the best answers from the said consultation.