Designing Tips for Custom Trading Pins

Designing trading pins is fun and easy. New styles and options havepin_pinnyarcade made customizing trading pins more exciting. Being more specific on the details you prefer will lead you to having the most appropriate trading pins for your team. Few designing tips and a list of things to consider will be of great help to achieve your perfect custom trading pins.


Decide on the Pin Type

Off-set printed pin is preferable if the trading pin you want will have a detailed artwork withvariety of colors. This type of pin is also greatIMG_2216_-_Ice_Fastpitch if your pins will have a team roster of players’ names on them. Off-set printed pins can allow for complicated detailing which make them suitable for intricate pins. Aside from that, this type of pin can also have 3-D effects.

For people who want to have simpler, more basic trading pins but are still eye-catching, the die-struck pin type is a better choice. This type of pin is preferable for team names and logos that have less complicated designs and with fewer colors.

Appearance of Your Team Name

In customizing your own team’s trading pin, you must also decide on how your team name appear on the pins. Team names can be very short and simple consisting of one to two words. There are also instances where you want your city and state included as part of the name. Your team should also agree on what specific font you want to use for your team name.

Team Mascots

Another wonderful idea in designing your own team’s trading pin is to incorporate the image of your mascot into the pin’s design. This is because mascots are used to easily recognize a team from the others. Also, people find it a really great concept because this allows the pins impeccably pair with the team’s jersey or other advertising tools.

Your State

Some designers would like to represent their state on their team pins. Your state may be placed large or small depending on the design you prefer. When putting the state as your design, you have to make sure that you specify the art. Some designers would want to show the map of the state in their pins. Make sure to mention it to your trading pin maker. If you want to change the image to fit the pin better, it should be specified too.

Team Colors

Colors are important because it gives tone to the pin’s design. Pantone Matching System color scheme of your team is important for the trading pin’s design. If your team still does not have the Pantone Matching System color scheme, make sure that when giving instructions on color, you will describe and specify it well. Instead of just saying blue, try to be more specific by mentioning sky blue, neon blue or royal blue. Also, when designing a pin, make sure to have a ready third and fourth color to balance the design.

Roster or No Roster

Rosters can make your pin more personalize as well as unique. Rosters can also make it large and burdensome on smaller pins. Rosters can be designed in your pin in a unique way. For instance, if the pin is about a team player, you may opt to design it with the players’ number instead of writing the full names.

For more impact and trading power, some pins are embellished with other materials and designs. These options include dangles, glitter, blinkers, spinners, sliders and bobble head. Different metals may also be used like silver or brass for an antique finish. The value of the trade pins may rise after putting more details. Always remember that every detail is also your own unique design. You have to be very creative to be able to make extraordinary pins.