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Purchasing the Right Golf Clubs for You: A Guide to Buying Discount Golf Clubs

Many avid golfers love to purchase golfing equipment.  It is one of the best things about the sport.  However, you know that one of the most challenging aspects of purchasing golf clubs is picking one, which perfectly suits you.

Too often, golfers wind up with an expensive golf club, which is not suitable to their style or ability. There are different kinds of golf clubs, and one of the thrilling aspects of the game is when you get to choose the correct club for various shots.

Buying your golf clubs can be considered an art and a science.  It can be quite a daunting task, especially if you are fairly new to the game.  Another challenge is the price of golf clubs.  They could be quite expensive, especially the big name brands that are usually the best kinds.  However, there are also discount golf clubs that you can purchase if you just know where to look.

At, we offer all the big-name brands and the highest rated golf clubs at discount prices.  Our discount golf clubs are some of the top-notch models that the game can offer.

Here are some guidelines to follow as you buy golf clubs:


1. Be knowledgeable about your golfing skills:

Knowing your golfing skill level is a big help as you decide to purchase clubs.  If you think that there aren’t any discount golf clubs that are specialized or personalized, you may be surprised to find some top brands that offer various adjustment features.

Golf is a highly personalized sport, which means you need to find the best equipment that’s tailor-fit to your skill level.

We can classify golfers into three big categories: beginners, intermediate, and advanced level golfers.

Discount Golf ClubsContrary to what others think, beginners usually need less equipment.  The tendency of those who are new at golf is to purchase a lot of equipment, but you just need to invest on a few basic clubs. A basic set includes two to three woods, a putter and some irons.  A driver with a 10- to 13- degree loft, and a 5-wood or 7-wood are usually enough at the onset.  As for irons, you may go well with 5, 7 and 9 irons.  Beginners also need a pitching wedge.

Intermediate golfers represent a huge percentage of the golfing community, and also a huge bulk of the market for new equipment.  The best advice for intermediate golfers who want to buy new golf clubs is to buy those with the maximum amount of forgiveness.  At this point, since they are improving in the game, they should be able to choose and pick any club they want.

Advanced golfers already know exactly what type of equipment they need. They also tend to stay within the same type of golf clubs because they are so used to them.  They usually do not switch or buy new clubs unless they think that their current set is hindering them from playing a great game.

2. Be knowledgeable about the types of golf clubs you need

All golfers tend to go to the standard set of three woods and eight irons.  However, with the slew of technologically advanced equipment these days, you can actually get custom-fitted for irons.  The fitting process is interesting because it tells you a lot about your game and informs you what exact type of equipment you need. For instance, many intermediate and advanced golfers use hybrids, instead of woods and irons.

It is good to choose clubs that fit your swing type, trajectory goals, and spin rate.


Buying Discount Golf Clubs


3. Look at the proper lie angles of your clubs

If you are an intermediate golfer, then you know that getting fitted for the right iron is crucial.  If the clubs don’t fit your game, the shots may miss the green. The main issue here is your club’s lie angle. The ideal situation is that the club’s sole should be level with the ground when it makes contact with the ball.  Many club fitters identify the correct angles for your irons.

4. Research on customer product reviews

There are many golfing communities online and many avid players are more than willing to share their experiences with you.  There are several bloggers and tour players who review golf clubs and share their thoughts online.  It would be good to consider what these customers say about the products, and how they rate each type of club. You can base your decision based on a collective review of their feedback.

The last thing to remember is that choosing the right club does not mean what good players use.  What professional players use may not be the right club for you. Many of the discount golf clubs available at are from top quality manufacturers. They also provide great deals for other golf accessories.