Why PCB Fabrication Is More Essential Than Ever

PCBPrinted circuit boards are more essential than ever because of so many important reasons. Technological products like smartphones and tablets need PCBs in order to function accurately. And since tech gadgets are popular across the globe, it is just right to fabricate quality PCBs for these devices. In fact, these boards significantly support the manufacturing of advanced technologies in various fields. On that note, PCBNet can help you understand why PCB fabrication remains important to individuals and businesses no matter where they are in the world.


With two basic functions, PCBs provides the following advantages:

1. It provides better mechanical support when it comes to electronic components assembly.

2. In interlocks all important parts needed in the printed circuit board while providing input or output connections to allow electronic components to interact with their users.

PCB experts indicate that the numerous other functions available like electromagnetic shielding, electrical impedance toning, heat transfer, and other essentials that PCB gives. Take note that many product devises need these functions in order to perform well. It’s even imperative in all electrical designs to decrease components, connectors, PCBs and other parts so that it will be easier to lessen the cost while boosting performance. Nevertheless, the reduction of printed circuit boards frequently results to more complex and valued added features. Thus, businesses and customers take advantage of top quality products essential in their technical requirements.


What Are Other Important Ways to Handle PCBs

Try to focus on the micrograph cross-section; you can perhaps argue that PCBs have never been this vital since it became an excellent partner in the design stage of electronic products. In fact, the multi-level, high density, and fine feature interconnections provided by the PCBs significantly supports modern printed circuit board fabrication. Some PCB-less designs may need these functions in order to help electronic devices perform better. For instance, if these functions are performed by electronic device application, the new PCB-less designs will be fabricated using the same methods. However, reflow soldering, component placement, and solder paste printing can perhaps be an ultimate challenge for you.

Up to date, PCB fabricators are integrating negative working photo-resist in order to manufacture inner layers, generally a dry-film type. The photo-resist is characteristically developed with the help of potassium carbonate or dilute sodium solution. This slightly alkaline solution will react with the covered part of the acidic photo-resist. It then neutralizes its acidity to make the solution water soluble. The uncovered part is cross linked with the ultraviolet light during the time of exposure while rendering essentially insoluble for the developer.


How Does the Fabrication Process Work?

Fabrication is actually simple including the chemical processes to manufacture PCBs but the most crucial part is defining the circuitry within the board. Since developing these boards is apparently simple, it’s easy to neglect its importance during the fabrication process of top quality yet affordable PCBs. The standard fabricator nowadays is a percent solution of potassium carbonate or sodium carbonate mono hydrate. There’s actually not much when choosing between the two solutions but potassium carbonate can provide you with better quality fabrication features.

Printed Circute bord

One clear thing about PCB fabrication is that, the equipment and other tools must be thoroughly cleaned before using. This will help ensure that quality of the printed circuit boards while providing convenient fabrication process to developers. If you simply want to provide the ultimate value that customers around the world truly deserve, you can brush up your PCB fabrication tools and knowledge to help you achieve your goals.


Below are the PCB capabilities that PCBNet has for you so here, check it out:

  • Online PCB specials
  • Custom quoted printed circuit boards
  • PCB assembly or production

The designs for PCB fabrication will need verified structures before the start of the project. This will help you save time, effort, and money while getting the right products you need. All the necessary details click here pcbnet must be gathered to help make the process more convenient and timely. As the quality-enhancing solutions for printed circuit board prototyping and low volume fabrication operates, this method guarantees excellent prototyping assembly techniques. And with instant online quote from PCBNet, you are sure to meet your unique needs as well as exact expectations.

How to Issue a Challenge with Custom Military Coins?

No one is sure when and where challenge coins really originated. Some say that the first batch of custom military coins came out during World War II and used by Allied Forces personnel deployed in France. Other stories claim that they have existed as early as World War I. While we may never find out what their true origin is, what we do know is that they are used to prove membership within an organization—often the military—and to boost its members’ self-esteem.

Different military units have their own custom military coins to distinguish them from other squads:

For instance, junior officers of the New York National Guard’s 107th Infantry, led by Capt. Jim Harrington, were known to carry a local coin that they used to verify the identity of their colleagues. A member of the group simply had to issue a challenge to another member, popularly called a Coin Check, which the latter had to answer to avoid being penalized.


In 1969, Col. Verne Green of the 10th Special Forces Group-A added a special military challenge coin to his unit’s crest and motto. Even former U.S. presidents, like Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, have a collection of challenge coins that they have received from different U.S. servicemen.

While there are variations on the challenges issued between different organizations, the basic rules remain the same across all groups. A Coin Check starts when a challenger brings out his coin and places it loudly on the table or another a flat surface that other people can see. Sometimes, the challenger needs to rap the coin repeatedly against the table to draw everyone’s attention. Everyone included in the challenge must quickly draw out his own coin for that organization and show it to all who is present.

If anyone fails to produce his own challenge coin, he is required to buy a round of drinks for both the challenger and everyone else who met the challenge. On the flipside, if everyone can bring out their challenge coin, the challenger loses the bet and buys everyone a round of drinks instead.

Because there are countless organizations bearing their own custom military coins, there are many different versions of the challenge. One version allows a challenged person to get his coin if it is not in his pocket, as long as it is within reaching distance (i.e., he can’t go to another room to get the coin). Another version lets an individual lend an extra challenge coin to a companion sitting close to him. There is even a version, which permits a person to steal a coin from someone else. If he succeeds, he is rewarded with a round of drinks from every other challenge participant.

 Military-CoinsAlthough it is not unusual for members to carry their challenge coin in their pocket or a pouch, some have taken to drilling a hole through it to make it easier to carry around his person. Because of this, most challenges disqualify a defaced coin, whether it be attached to a string and hung around the neck, or turned into a keychain attached to a belt loop.

Because many coin challenges are issued within military groups, rules concerning the ranks of the challengers and persons challenged also exist. For example, a military coin from an officer of higher rank outranks all coins by low-ranking officers; hence, most of the time, all lower-ranking officers must buy the highest-ranking officer an extra drink.

Of course, while a military coin is famous as an item to issue challenges, this is not its only use. This coin is also used as an award to recognize outstanding performance in the line of duty. Even non-military individuals are sometimes awarded with a coin, like what happened to several student athletes at the Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts.

These days, we live in a relatively more peaceful time:

We no longer need to carry around a challenge coin as proof of our identity and affiliation to a particular group. Still, many veterans may still collect and carry around a military coin whenever they leave their home.

However, these custom military coins do not serve as mere mementos. Former and current service members consider these coins as source of pride and proof of their association with a group whom they have served with, usually in a past war.

We at ChallengeCoins4Less understand the importance of military coins to their owners. Because of this, we make sure that every challenge coin we produce has a unique design, which will distinguish it from all other military coins. We know how a difference in color or engraving spells the difference between two military units. We show this by making sure to provide the best and most unique design that veteran and active military service members require of us because we honor them.

Reasons to Hire SEO Consultant – Chronistsempelis.com

These days, it’s hard to get your website ahead of the game without search engine optimization (SEO). If your site is poorly constructed, you may not be able to reach your target customers no matter how unique and useful your offer is. Aside from lack of optimization and poor construction, another problem that many Internet marketers encounter is the intense competition in their respective fields. See it for yourself. Type and enter a keyword for a basic service and you will probably get over a million search results.

Nevertheless, it’s possible to bring your website to the first page of search engine results pages (SERPs) organically—that means you don’t use any SEO tool. It takes years, however. Changes in search engine algorithms and entry of competitors may also hamper your site’s ascension in SERPs over the years.

The solution herein is to hire an expert in SEO. It comes at a price but there are several advantages. If you intend to get one, you should consider SEO consultant – chronistsempelis.com. Below are some reasons to hire Chronis Tsempelis’ firm for your Internet marketing needs.

Comprehensive Services

Improving your site’s ranking in SERPs takes more than just putting competitive keywords in your sales page. That is why when you encounter an SEO firm that offers content marketing and keyword analysis alone, you should disregard it right away. It’s easy and inexpensive to outsource these kinds of services to freelancers. You should seek a firm that helps you in most—if not all—areas of Internet marketing.

SEO Consultant

Through the years, SEO consultant – chronistsempelis.com has been offering wide-ranging Internet marketing services. In addition to the basic SEO and content writing services, chronistsempelis.com also offers tools and assistance for affiliate recruitment, Google tools, hosting and server management, reputation management, social media optimization, and web development. These services don’t just increase your site’s visibility and reach; they also help you manage your website and assess your marketing campaigns.

Use of White Hat SEO

In the early days of Internet marketing, numerous tricks were devised to boost a site’s ranking in SERPs without putting much time, money and effort. These ‘quick fix’ strategies are collectively referred as black hat SEO techniques. The ethical and lawful SEO strategies are called white hat and this is what you should be striving for.

It’s tempting to use a black hat strategy for two reasons: it’s low-cost and it increases your leads in no time. However, using it brings a major problem: a negative reputation. Prospects will find your website and brand annoying. Search engines will also penalize your site. Once your site is penalized, it will be difficult for you to bounce back.

With SEO consultant – chronistsempelis.com, you don’t have to worry about such things. Only white hat SEO techniques are advised. These may yield good results in a few weeks or a month, but at least you can be confident that your site will linger for a longer time.

SEO Consultants

Years of Experience

Plenty of startup e-commerce sites come and go, and the primary culprit for this phenomenon is the inability of newbie Internet marketers to adapt to the changes in search engine algorithms, buying behavior, marketing trends, and other socio-economic and technological factors. You must have years of experience to be able to formulate and implement effective coping mechanisms for your site. If you don’t have an extensive background in marketing, you can fill in your lack of experience by hiring an SEO specialist like SEO consultant – chronistsempelis.com.

Chronis Tsempelis has been in the field of Internet marketing for more than a decade. He already encountered many search engine algorithm updates and marketing trends. What made him last for so long was his dedication in his chosen field. He has been working 10 hours a day in the Internet marketing sector since 2005. He keeps on researching and creating valuable tools to help his clients overcome changes.

Free Consultation

Unlike other SEO firms, SEO consultant – chronistsempelis.com gives its prospective clients a chance to experience its service for free. As an Internet marketer, you should be extra careful on where you spend your funds. If a firm requires you to pay anything in advance, you should think twice before investing your money and trust. Chronis Tsempelis’ firm wants to save you from paying for services blindly. That is why it offers free consultation of up to 20 minutes. Here’s a tip from the brain of the firm itself: ask specific questions regarding your site to get the best answers from the said consultation.

Iron On Patches: Embroidered vs. Woven

No one can deny the ease and convenience of iron on patches. You simply iron it on a fabric and you are good to go. You do not need needle and thread to attach the iron on patch. However, there is still an issue regarding the better iron on to choose: embroidered or woven?

Patches4less.com can help you choose the best one for your needs. Gaining a better understanding regarding the embroidered and woven patch can help you decide which one to use for your project. If you can’t come up with a design, then let us take care of that for you. All you need to do is to tell us your idea or the message that you wish to convey to your target audience. We will do everything in our power to create a design, which can meet your specific requirements.

Before knowing the advantages and disadvantages of embroidered and woven, you need to know more about the backing material of iron on patches.

The Iron On Patch Backing

You must understand that your iron on patch will not stick onto your garment for a long time. The adhesiveness of the sticky backing will eventually fade after a number of washings. If you like the patch on your garment, then you need to secure it by sewing it on after the adhesive part no longer functions.

Iron On Patche It is also prudent not to use the iron on patch on your exercise, training or work clothes. It is best not to use it on clothing that may get drenched in sweat or water to prevent it from peeling off.

The iron on backing is ideal for casual or ceremonial clothing and any piece of garment that you only use occasionally. Your iron on patch will definitely last longer if you will attach it on your bag, pouch, or anything that does not require frequent washing. You can also choose to sew it on when you think that it is about to come off.

Embroidered Iron On Patch

Embroidered iron on patches provide an amazing 3D feel that you will surely appreciate. It is ideal to use if you need your design to practically come alive.

Embroidered stitching has a classy look, and the “lift” it provides is due to the thick threads used in the design.
If you wish to use embroidered patches, then you need to come up with a design that does not require fine details. The embroidery won’t be able to capture the fine details that need to be depicted. It will only appear somewhat blurry and difficult to decipher.

Iron On Patche

Woven Iron On Patch

Woven iron ons are usually flat and lack the 3D effect that embroidered patch provides, but these also offer much better graphic. If your design has fine details that you wish to show, then woven iron on is the better choice.
If you prefer a small patch, then woven iron ons are perfect. You will get the rich details that you want and they are usually cheaper to produce.

Woven iron ons are also easier to manufacture and they have a shorter turnaround time. If you need the patches right away and your design does not have any fine details, then it is best to choose the woven iron ons.

Both forms of patches are good to use in any patch shape you want. However, embroidered patches are only suitable for designs that need depth and do not have fine details. Woven patches are great for any designs, although it won’t give the needed depth in your design.

Iron on patches are indeed the most convenient, but they do not usually last for a long time. Make sure to attach the iron on patch on fabric that does not need frequent washing.
If you need further information, you can always contact Patches4less.com for inquiries. You can also visit our gallery and see the work samples.

5 Effective Ways to Control Nerves for Motivational Speakers

One of the biggest enemies of motivational speakers is their own nerves. It is commonly a big problem for anyone who regularly faces an audience as part of their job. How can you fight it? Here are five effective ways to put your nerves under control.

1. Find a calming habit that you can practice before going on stage:

The work of motivational speakers can induce a cycle of stress and nervousness. This can cause a repetition of emotional and mental turbulence that can worsen progressively. Hence, it is important that you also form a calming habit that can condition your mind every time you are about to battle your nerves. Take it as a strategy to preempt stress before it disturbs you.

A calming habit can be anything that makes you feel good before starting your speech. For many speakers, practicing a simple breathing exercise for a minute is already enough while for some, listening to music is more effective. Your habit really depends on your personality and preference, so you have to understand your own emotions.

Motivational Speaker

2. Bring something that makes you happy every time you work:

While a calming habit is undoubtedly effective, tangible things may sometimes be more effective. This is especially true for people who believe in charms or have special items with sentimental value. Some people simply have a thing for fancy things, such as stuffed toys, jewelries, toys, and books. It is also undeniable that some people simply need foods to cheer them up. Try eating a bar of chocolate before going on stage perhaps.

We also suggest that you look back to your childhood and think about the things that used to make you feel good. Psychologists believe that things with emotional value from your childhood are more effective in triggering positive emotions. Never mind if it seems ridiculous. What’s important is that it gets the job done.

3. Have something that can help you release tension and stress:

While the previous tip refers to something that you do not necessarily have to use, this tip refers to something that you have to actively use to work. The best example of this is a stress ball that you can play in your hands to help you release the tension building up inside you. Nevertheless, bringing this on stage is not a good idea unless you deliver your speech from behind a podium.

Some people hold a hanky on one hand while the other holds the microphone while some people hold a laser pen just to have something that they can fiddle with clandestinely. Whatever it is, it should be something discrete from the audience’s view.

4. Never memorize your speech verbatim:

Motivational SpeakersThis is a big mistake that many novice motivational speakers commit. They think that memorizing their speech word by word will help them avoid mistakes. The opposite is actually true.

Memorizing a speech verbatim only worsens tension because the chance of committing a mistake also increases. You have more lines to forget when you know your speech down to the last exclamation point. Knowing that you have memorized your speech also unnecessarily sets the bar higher because a simple mistake already becomes obvious from your standpoint, regardless if the audience do not really know that you have committed one (unless they have a detailed copy of your speech, which is rarely done when compared to giving outlines).

Instead of memorizing your speech verbatim, memorize its core message—memorize it by heart so that you know how to continue regardless if you miss an entire paragraph.

5. Look in the eyes of your audience:

As opposed to the common belief of novice motivational speakers that looking in the audience’s eyes only worsens nervousness, doing it actually reinforces confidence because you get to receive non-verbal approval from the audience. You instantly know when your audience understand what you are saying and at the same time, you are able to respond appropriately when your audience’s stares imply confusion and disagreement.

Looking in the eyes of your audience can be really intimidating at first. However, this is very important for you to make a connection and truly bridge your message. Not looking in your audience’s eyes may seem comfortable at first, but the lack of connection may eventually make your feel alone and misunderstood, both of which can rob you off your self-esteem.

If eye contact is uncomfortable for you at first, practice it in front of a mirror while rehearsing your speech or better yet, talk with a lot of people to develop your interpersonal communication skills.

Purchasing the Right Golf Clubs for You: A Guide to Buying Discount Golf Clubs

Many avid golfers love to purchase golfing equipment.  It is one of the best things about the sport.  However, you know that one of the most challenging aspects of purchasing golf clubs is picking one, which perfectly suits you.

Too often, golfers wind up with an expensive golf club, which is not suitable to their style or ability. There are different kinds of golf clubs, and one of the thrilling aspects of the game is when you get to choose the correct club for various shots.

Buying your golf clubs can be considered an art and a science.  It can be quite a daunting task, especially if you are fairly new to the game.  Another challenge is the price of golf clubs.  They could be quite expensive, especially the big name brands that are usually the best kinds.  However, there are also discount golf clubs that you can purchase if you just know where to look.

At www.rockbottomgolf.com, we offer all the big-name brands and the highest rated golf clubs at discount prices.  Our discount golf clubs are some of the top-notch models that the game can offer.

Here are some guidelines to follow as you buy golf clubs:


1. Be knowledgeable about your golfing skills:

Knowing your golfing skill level is a big help as you decide to purchase clubs.  If you think that there aren’t any discount golf clubs that are specialized or personalized, you may be surprised to find some top brands that offer various adjustment features.

Golf is a highly personalized sport, which means you need to find the best equipment that’s tailor-fit to your skill level.

We can classify golfers into three big categories: beginners, intermediate, and advanced level golfers.

Discount Golf ClubsContrary to what others think, beginners usually need less equipment.  The tendency of those who are new at golf is to purchase a lot of equipment, but you just need to invest on a few basic clubs. A basic set includes two to three woods, a putter and some irons.  A driver with a 10- to 13- degree loft, and a 5-wood or 7-wood are usually enough at the onset.  As for irons, you may go well with 5, 7 and 9 irons.  Beginners also need a pitching wedge.

Intermediate golfers represent a huge percentage of the golfing community, and also a huge bulk of the market for new equipment.  The best advice for intermediate golfers who want to buy new golf clubs is to buy those with the maximum amount of forgiveness.  At this point, since they are improving in the game, they should be able to choose and pick any club they want.

Advanced golfers already know exactly what type of equipment they need. They also tend to stay within the same type of golf clubs because they are so used to them.  They usually do not switch or buy new clubs unless they think that their current set is hindering them from playing a great game.

2. Be knowledgeable about the types of golf clubs you need

All golfers tend to go to the standard set of three woods and eight irons.  However, with the slew of technologically advanced equipment these days, you can actually get custom-fitted for irons.  The fitting process is interesting because it tells you a lot about your game and informs you what exact type of equipment you need. For instance, many intermediate and advanced golfers use hybrids, instead of woods and irons.

It is good to choose clubs that fit your swing type, trajectory goals, and spin rate.


Buying Discount Golf Clubs


3. Look at the proper lie angles of your clubs

If you are an intermediate golfer, then you know that getting fitted for the right iron is crucial.  If the clubs don’t fit your game, the shots may miss the green. The main issue here is your club’s lie angle. The ideal situation is that the club’s sole should be level with the ground when it makes contact with the ball.  Many club fitters identify the correct angles for your irons.

4. Research on customer product reviews

There are many golfing communities online and many avid players are more than willing to share their experiences with you.  There are several bloggers and tour players who review golf clubs and share their thoughts online.  It would be good to consider what these customers say about the products, and how they rate each type of club. You can base your decision based on a collective review of their feedback.

The last thing to remember is that choosing the right club does not mean what good players use.  What professional players use may not be the right club for you. Many of the discount golf clubs available at www.rockbottomgolf.com are from top quality manufacturers. They also provide great deals for other golf accessories.


Designing Tips for Custom Trading Pins

Designing trading pins is fun and easy. New styles and options havepin_pinnyarcade made customizing trading pins more exciting. Being more specific on the details you prefer will lead you to having the most appropriate trading pins for your team. Few designing tips and a list of things to consider will be of great help to achieve your perfect custom trading pins.


Decide on the Pin Type

Off-set printed pin is preferable if the trading pin you want will have a detailed artwork withvariety of colors. This type of pin is also greatIMG_2216_-_Ice_Fastpitch if your pins will have a team roster of players’ names on them. Off-set printed pins can allow for complicated detailing which make them suitable for intricate pins. Aside from that, this type of pin can also have 3-D effects.

For people who want to have simpler, more basic trading pins but are still eye-catching, the die-struck pin type is a better choice. This type of pin is preferable for team names and logos that have less complicated designs and with fewer colors.

Appearance of Your Team Name

In customizing your own team’s trading pin, you must also decide on how your team name appear on the pins. Team names can be very short and simple consisting of one to two words. There are also instances where you want your city and state included as part of the name. Your team should also agree on what specific font you want to use for your team name.

Team Mascots

Another wonderful idea in designing your own team’s trading pin is to incorporate the image of your mascot into the pin’s design. This is because mascots are used to easily recognize a team from the others. Also, people find it a really great concept because this allows the pins impeccably pair with the team’s jersey or other advertising tools.

Your State

Some designers would like to represent their state on their team pins. Your state may be placed large or small depending on the design you prefer. When putting the state as your design, you have to make sure that you specify the art. Some designers would want to show the map of the state in their pins. Make sure to mention it to your trading pin maker. If you want to change the image to fit the pin better, it should be specified too.

Team Colors

Colors are important because it gives tone to the pin’s design. Pantone Matching System color scheme of your team is important for the trading pin’s design. If your team still does not have the Pantone Matching System color scheme, make sure that when giving instructions on color, you will describe and specify it well. Instead of just saying blue, try to be more specific by mentioning sky blue, neon blue or royal blue. Also, when designing a pin, make sure to have a ready third and fourth color to balance the design.

Roster or No Roster

Rosters can make your pin more personalize as well as unique. Rosters can also make it large and burdensome on smaller pins. Rosters can be designed in your pin in a unique way. For instance, if the pin is about a team player, you may opt to design it with the players’ number instead of writing the full names.

For more impact and trading power, some pins are embellished with other materials and designs. These options include dangles, glitter, blinkers, spinners, sliders and bobble head. Different metals may also be used like silver or brass for an antique finish. The value of the trade pins may rise after putting more details. Always remember that every detail is also your own unique design. You have to be very creative to be able to make extraordinary pins.